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Lost pendant in Montréal

Hello, I'm looking for a pendant I lost on Wednesday, August 21 in Montreal on Drummond Street between 10pm and 11pm, near the intersection with Sainte-Catherine Street. This pendant has a special value for me, it was my mother's favorite necklace, she passed away when I was a child. The pendant is a round gold plate that is worn around the neck with a ribbon, it is old and the edges are damaged, but I cherish it very much and am willing to pay its value to the person who would have found it. The necklace came off my neck while I was walking. When I realized that I had lost it, I retraced my steps, I found the ribbon on the ground in front of 1416 Drummond Street in front of the YMCA but not the medallion. As one of the only things I have left of my mother, I really would like to have this necklace back and would be extremely grateful to anyone who could help me.
Lost items   - Lost pendant in Montréal
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