Lost items - New York

Engagement Ring

Modern looking - two triangle stones (one diamond, one saphire) flat on top, meeting together on the long side of the , with the points pointing outward. Held up over white metal simple thin band. This is the most important material possesion I own. I lost it after undergoing a medical procedure, having put it in my purse because I had to remove my jewelry. I cant re-create this one gift from my husband 30 years ago. Im heartbroken. I thought item was lost on my way out of hospital at 68th Street and York Avenue, I walked to subway at 68th and Lexington. I went to Grand Central, I took Metro North. On 1/11 I only went thru Grand Central and to meeting in Brooklyn (Metro Center), and then back to Grand Central and up to Dobbs Ferry Brand: Husbands Grandm
Lost items Ring New York - Engagement Ring
Reward : no
Localisation : New York Presbyterian Hospital, 4781 Broadway, New York, NY 10034 4915, USA

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